La naturopathy

The principle of naturopathy is to preserve the health of an individual by the conservation of the vital energy of his body. The Vital Force that each of us possesses is connected to self healing. You need to have enough vital energy to self-heal.

Naturopathy aims to maintain, restore and improve the overall health of the individual (its vitality). It uses natural methodologies that are adapted to each of us.

If there is a dysfunction in the body, the goal of naturopathy is to find the cause of the problem and treat it to regain its vitality.

The different methods of naturopathy give the body the means to recover using its own features that allow it to regenerate itself with its own organs cleansed, thus providing an opportunity for organs in difficulty to recover.

It is important to note that naturopathy is a medicine in its own right and does not replace allopathic or homeopathic medicine. These 3 medicines have their place and intervene at different times according to the state of the individual.

Finally, Naturopathy is defined by the FENAMAN (French Federation of Schools of Naturopathy) as the "Fundamental Science encompassing the study, knowledge, teaching, and application of the Laws of Life to maintain, find and optimize health by natural means. "


I perform a vital assessment, based on morphological observation, iridology ... I establish a vital hygiene program to maintain or regenerate your life force. I then accompany you for its implementation with an approach that responds precisely to your needs and your situation, far from ready-made recipes ...


Naturopathy is for everyone. Children as adults, men or women. Anyone who wants a better lifestyle, improve or regain global vitality. For example, maintain vitality, reduce fatigue, manage stress, but also improve digestion, strengthen immune defenses, fight overweight ...

Me, Suzan B. Vigne

I graduated from CENATHO, the European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy ©, and certified by OMNES, Organization of Natural Medicine and Health Education. Before being a naturopath, I worked in several large American companies ... I wanted by my efforts to share, help, transform ...


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